Tuesday, January 27, 2015

National Gallery (Frederick Wiseman, 2014)

Eye of the beholder

Objectivity is a lie. Loud people on the internet can cry for 'objectivity' in reviews all they want, but said cries illustrate a fundamental misunderstanding of how criticism and the creation of art works. All writers have their biases: some can disguise them better than others, but it's almost impossible to abandon them completely.

Friday, January 9, 2015

The Films of the Year - The Entirely Pointless Film Ha Ha Annual Review 2014

Just another end of year list

Under the Skin
2014 was a relatively quiet year of film writing at FilmHaHa - not for lack of watching films, but more due to lack of time. While I did not always have time to write about them as much as I would have liked, I made sure to watch as many as I possibly could. Surprise, surprise: it was another year of filmmaking that was imaginative, brilliant, provocative, surprising, moving, entertaining, experimental (and so on).

You probably don't care, but here are some of my favourites from 2014, listed in no particular order. These are based on Irish releases, so a few technically '2013' films may have slipped in there: