Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hit Or Shit? 24th April 2011

And he doth sayeth that "Here be Coming Attractions!" and we doth sayeth "Amen!"

The High Cost of Living (Deborah Chow)

You know, for all its indie excesses, I think Garden State has a lot of charm, mostly down to Natalie Portman. But it's still a warm if formulaic romance. Unfortunately, Zach Braff has done little to build on his solid foundation, and instead is starring in other people's formulaic crap. The trailer says a lot - romance between two depressed individuals, bland acoustic soundtrack, coming-of-age stuff. Probably nothing wrong with it, but little right either. Typical indie shit maybe?

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (Rupert Wyatt)

The fuck's this shit? Honestly, there's so much wrong with this trailer I don't know where to begin. Starring man of the minute James Franco, rebooting Planet of the Apes has already proven to be a bad idea. Making it what appears to be a generic mutant / action film? Hmm. Disaster in the waiting me thinks. Weta ensure it will look good - and let's be honest the apes here at least look a bit more convincing than the typical efforts of this franchise - but honestly this trailer really does make the film look like absolute shit.

Cowboys & Aliens (Jon Faverau)

OK, I'm a bit cynical about films that try to blend two genres or franchises or whatever together. But being honest I'm totally on board with this. Jon Faverau has proven himself to be a damn fine entertainer with Iron Man (less so the sequel, but still), and this has a lot going for it. The cast is fantastic - nice to see Harrison Ford back on blockbuster form, and Olivia Wilde will hopefully prove herself once again to be more than just a pretty face after her excellent but limited role in Tron: Legacy. Most importantly, the trailer shows a confident mix of styles, as well as plenty of impressive action. Potentially might be over CGIed, but I'm optimistic for a hit with this one.

Melancholia (Lars von Trier)

Kirsten Dunst and Lars von Trier is one bizarre star / director combo. And the first half of this trailer suggests von Trier may be trying to be - gasp! - accessible. Not to worry though, it all goes batshit after a while. Seemingly an end of the world plot combined with the tensions at a wedding, it looks very weird but also a change of direction for von Trier. Indeed, there seem to be moments of real beauty and warmth in the trailer, which marks a nice change of pace after the often absurdly grim Antichrist. Still looks super eccentric, and good to see a lot of great actors on boards, including von Trier veterans like Charlotte Gainsbourg and Stellan Skarsgard on board. Sure to be pretentious as fuck, but like all his films I'd say there's potential for a hit despite the self-indulgence.

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