Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Introducing "A Few of My Favourite Scenes"

Like a good album, a film is defined by the sum of its parts. A film can have a great opening, a spectacular middle or a superb ending but if there's nothing gelling it all together it will all fall apart.

That doesn't mean there's sometimes a temptation to skip to the 'best bits'.

"A Few of My Favourite Scenes" is a new feature on, where I hope to explore individual scenes that define the appeal of a particular film. The bits that really linger in the mind. I hope to stay away from the truly iconic scenes, instead focusing on ones that stand out for me for one reason or another.

The scenes chosen will indeed often be from my favourite films. But I also hope to occasionally pick out scenes from films that otherwise aren't all that great: ones that suggest a better film than the material surrounding it.

The first in the series will be up shortly. I swear I'll lay off the Sound of Music references from here on out.

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